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Pendants Photos are here

At long last all of the Bob Owl Pendants are listed under the Jewelry tab.

Here is a preview!

Click on the Jewelry Pendant Tab at the top of the screen to see more details and package information.

Wedding Fun!

This month we got to be apart of a wedding!

The bridesmaids were given lovely handmade cosmetic bags, a perfect gift.  With the addition of our purse mirrors, I believe they became just a little more perfect!


Charm Necklaces are here!  A new twist on the interchangeable necklace. 
The Charm sets can be purchased one of two ways,
a la cart or in prepackaged in gift tins.

Charm                             $6
Silver plate necklace         $8
Charm set                       $30

Breast Cancer Fundraiser Basket

Bob Owl Boutique was asked to participate in a Breast Cancer Silent Auction for a local hospital.  It was a lot of fun putting this basket together. 

Inside the basket was:

Purse Mirror
Necklace set (stay tuned to see this in our new Jewelry section)
Key Chain
Handmade Cards
Photo Album

The fundraiser was a huge success and we were honored to be a part of it!

Purse mirrors!

Part of the cupcake order for Abbey Cakes was for purse mirrors.  Purse mirrors are very fun to make and once we got started....well we didn't stop!

Check out the Purse Mirror tab at the top of the page and see all of our new designs!

Above are two of my favorites!

Bob's been busy with cupcakes!

It has been busy here at Bob Owl Boutique.  The school year ended for the owletes and a spring flu swept through the nest.  However, there is always time to do something creative.

Sometimes a customer needs help with creating a graphic for their buttons.  Last week has been full of cupcake fun as we worked on a logo for Abbey Cakes in Roanoke Virginia.  This project left me continually craving cupcakes!  The logo choice is down to two images and once a decision is made some great cupcake buttons will be produced here at Bob Owl Boutique.  Purse mirrors and promotional magnets are in the works as well and we are excited!

Here is what cupcake lovers in Virginia have to look forward to!

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