Bob Owl Boutique is a small family owned business. 

It all started as a way to bond with my daughter.  My son has a metabolic disorder and he requires different therapies.  To help his older sister to not feel left out, we started dressing up for my son's appointments.  I would make her buttons to wear pinned in her hair bows, or magnet buttons to place in a necklace she owned.  I would usually wear a matching button.  It was a special thing, just between us.  I soon realized how many wonderful things could be made with my button presses.  I started making end of the year teacher gifts for my son's therapists and preschool teachers.  I did the same for my daughter's teachers.  My husband helped me design my own pendants to hold the magnetic buttons.  Soon people were asking to buy them and Bob Owl Boutique was born!

The presses I use are all made in America, and when ever possible the button supplies are made using American steel.  The papers and fabrics I use in the buttons come from all over the world.  Japanese and Italian papers are a favorite of mine. 

Many people ask about our company name.  Bob Owl Boutique is named in honor of my mother's father.  His name was Bob and he gave me a beloved toy owl that I name Bob Owl.  My grandfather taught me to paint and he was the reason I majored in Art History. 

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